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Self-Filming Guide: 7 tips on how to create better videos at home

May 10, 2020

Video calls have become a necessity over the past few months to stay connected to friends and family and whereas it’s totally fine for the reading lamp to reflect off granddad’s forehead and your best friend’s toddler to hijack the camera during quiz night, it’s a whole other ballgame if you are addressing your employees or customers through a video message. Even more so if you are trying to create regular video content remotely.
You do want your videos to look and sound good!

Under normal circumstances I would take care of both the filming and editing for you but until we can meet again I’m hoping that this guide will be useful - not only in helping you to create better videos but also by making the process fun and enjoyable.

Content is obvisouly the key but it’s not just what you’re saying but also HOW and how it’s been FILMED and EDITED that gets your message out there. By following these 7 tips you will improve your self-shooting skills and the quality of your videos in no time.

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