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July 23, 2020

So, the video element of your online course…

Whether you have a great idea for an online course or are in the middle of writing one, I would love to help you with the visual elements of it. To be precise: take care of the video production part of your course. It can be as simple as recording a welcome message, or if you want to go all out your whole course could be delivered through video.

Creating written content is very different to creating video content and I often find that clients struggle to translate one to the other. This is where I can help.

There are so many different options of getting your content across, whether it is a piece to camera (either by yourself or other contributors), practical ‘how to’ videos that take your participants through making/cooking/baking something step-by-step, motion graphics with a voiceover to highlight a particular topic of your course or maybe even an interview or case study to give real life examples.

The possibilities are pretty much endless, which is great and the reason why I love creating video content. But I also know that it can feel overwhelming and sometimes hard to visualise what the end product might look like. I will work with you to find the best approach for delivering your online course and together we will create some awesome content.

I have different packages, depending on your budget…

Firstly, I’d need to know:

  • Are the video elements of the course predominately Pieces to Camera (PTCs)?
  • Will the content require lots of cutaways and sequences and is there a ‘how to element’ to it that requires shooting a demonstration (a lot more time consuming than just a PTC)?
  • Will there be any graphic elements needed in the edit?
  • Does any existing footage/images have to be included in the edits?

Also, costs can increase depending on the follow…

  • number of pre-production days
  • shoot and edit days
  • number of crew
  • specs of cameras and lenses
  • location hire
  • auto-cue
  • more elaborate graphic elements or motion graphics
  • length and number of videos
  • number of music licenses

You might wonder why you should invest in professionally produced video content for your course. Let me ask you this, how great do you think is the impact of the non-verbal part of a presentation compared to what is actually being said? It’s a whopping 93%.

Don’t get me wrong, the content of your course is obviously key but if you’re serious about becoming a course creator, I think it’s invaluable for your videos to look professional. This will elevate the value of your course. And it applies to both big and small brands, whether you’re a startup, one-woman-band or have established yourself in the market already. You want your content to be visually engaging and look professional.

Welcome messages and course intros can be produced for as little as £500* and production packages start from £1500*.

Why not add a promo video for your upcoming course or any special offers to your marketing mix? Short teaser videos on social media platforms like Instagram or facebook ads are a great way to promote your course - these can be created from £350.

*Costs can vary depending on location - I’m based in the South East of England.



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