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History documentary shoot in London

November 09, 2020

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The documentary 'Hatshepsut: She Who Would Be King' on the female pharaoh Mark Bowsher and I produced for History Hit is out now! Filming the interview and sequences with Lucia Gahling in London was not only a rare day out but it was also super interesting to find out more about this overlooked figure of Egyptian history.

With all the upheaval of 2020 this was the only in person shoot I had since March this year and being back in the capital for a few hours for this history documentary was a tiny bit exciting too. The documentary also features interviews with Kara Cooney and Dr. Monica Hanna - it has been shot in the UK and the US, plus a Zoom interview in Egypt.

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Hatshepsut: She Who Would Be King

Hatshepsut – whose name means “foremost of noblewomen” – was an exceptional figure in the history of Ancient Egypt. Only the second woman in history to assume the title of pharaoh, during her reign she oversaw the building of monumental temples, established trade connections with far away African powers and oversaw extended periods of peace. Hatshepsut's legacy in the history of Ancient Egypt is remarkable and the fact that her story has been largely-forgotten is one of the great tragedies of antiquity. This documentary aims to set the record straight. Featuring Kara Cooney, Monica Hanna and Lucia Gahlin, it shines a light on the life of one of ancient Egypt's most extraordinary rulers. Produced by Iris Gibson and Mark Bowsher. History Hit

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interview with Lucia Gahlin

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