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Different name same values

March 27, 2020

I’ve decided to do a little rebrand and Filmwerkstatt turned into Crafted Films last week. What’s changed you might ask?

Not much apart from the name to be honest. It’s still the same old me, making little films and creating video content for brands as well as helping businesses to implement video strategy.

So why change the name? As it turns out having a German business name in an English speaking market wasn’t the best idea after all. Explaining every time I spoke about my work what the name meant and why I chose it got, quite frankly, a bit tedious after a while.

So here we go one last time, Filmwerkstatt means ‘film workshop’ in English and the idea behind it always was that my films have been created with the same love and attention to detail as a craftsman/woman would pay to their pieces. I wanted a little nod to my Austrian heritage too but have since realised that, whilst being bi-lingual is definitely an asset, it doesn’t necessarily have to be incorporated into my name.

So why Crafted Films? The core values of my business are still the same and not only does creating a film from scratch and ‘seeing an idea coming together’ thrill me but I love tailoring bespoke video solutions for each client. I’m not expecting a huge influx in new enquiries by simply changing the wording, though at least this way people will be able to pronounce it and might even remember the name.

You will have noticed that the logo hasn’t changed much – that is mainly because I still like the design of it and keeping the visual identity of my page in simple black and white allows my portfolio to stand out and my work to add colour to it.

What else is new? There will be a monthly newsletter and I’ve created a Blog section, which I’m assuming you have found since you’re reading this. The aim is to post at least once a week with publishing an interview once a month on top of it. I will be speaking to women in the film/production industry, finding out more about their passion for what they are doing and how they got to where they are now.

Speaking of passion, I love what I do and with paid work being pretty much non-existent at the moment, we’re facing a global pandemic after all, I have decided to use the time and put myself out there a bit more to promote my services. Something that doesn’t come naturally to me but I’d love for you to join me on this journey of trial and error. So far my projects came predominantly from recommendations and through word of mouth and having built strong relationships with clients is something I’ve always taken pride in. So to quote Seth Godin ‘People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.’, let me bring your stories to life and inject a little magic into your video marketing.

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